每年, 2014 - 2018, 这是为停战日做准备的一部分, students take part in the ‘WW1 curriculum experience’ where they receive a lesson on WW1 in different subject areas.

今年, 与去年相似, faculties around school offered a wide ranging and comprehensive set of lessons and activities.

Y8 students read and performed the poignant words of Owen’s ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ and took part in a re-enactment.    One team performed to the rest of their year group so that students could reflect on the anguish, 在第一次世界大战中服役的年轻人所付出的痛苦和牺牲.


在其他地方, 学生们通过学习战争诗歌来了解如何创造同理心和同情心, 观察个体的声音, 探索爱国主义和士兵们所面临的悲惨恐怖. 学生在课堂上写一篇文章描述战壕. 本单元将以在学校礼堂举行的“背诵诗歌”比赛结束.

2 .战争海报

想象一下,你正在前线作战,想念家和亲人. 这正是ag亚游手机版的九年级学生用法语、乌尔都语和阿拉伯语所做的. They are playing the role of soldiers in trenches penning notes and letters to family and friends in their Languages lessons. 在法语课上, students also study a text called ‘la vie dans les tranchee’ (life in the trenches).

A French lesson where students write letters in French from the front line to loved ones back home.

俗话说得好, “军队匍匐前进”, 第一次世界大战的一个重要部分是确保没有人在没有食物的情况下. 在法国, Urdu and Arabic lessons students create survival and ration packs and present these to the class in the target language. An exhibition of these survival and ration packs is displayed in the library for students, 工作人员和客人一起探索.





In 艺术, students used their artistic and creative skills to make a poppy unmbrella display. The aim of the lesson was to raise students’ awareness of the significance of the poppy.



在今年上半年 and Y11 students put their artistic skills to good use and make poppies to mark Remembrance Day.

在今年上半年 and Y11 students put their artistic skills to good use and make poppies to mark Remembrance Day.

Students in 历史 look into the role of propaganda and enlisting experiences during a lesson on WW1.

在地理学课程中,学生将探索第一次世界大战是如何影响欧洲地理的. 他们研究冲突如何影响地理, 比如通过发展, 政治, 健康, 环境, 天气和气候. Students practise their map skills by studying the contrasting landscape of Europe before and after the First World War. 他们在地图上作注释以显示它们之间的异同. They explore the question; how did the borders of Europe change after the First World War?

Some big issue and questions are explored in 公民身份 lessons in relation to WW1. 学生们研究和调查战争中的无名英雄:女性, 的朋友, 救护车服务和第一鼹鼠. Pupils debate what a real hero is and explore the work of an individual/group that are unsung heroes, 过去或现在. This led up to students designing a campaign to get a WW1 hero of their choice recognised.

研究战争的概念:它是正确的? 这是错的吗? This debate preoccupied students in RS lessons whilst the themes of conscientious objectors and pacifism is explored in Y8.



Students in Humanities lessons work together and write messages of peace and hope on poppies to ‘plant’ in the remembrance garden at the front of the school.

在去年, pupils tackle and debate big questions around the war for instance: who made the biggest difference/sacrifice? 议会在战争爆发时扮演了什么角色? Was it the involvement of the suffragettes in the war that helped women gain the right to vote? 第一次世界大战给今天的女性留下了什么? ag亚游手机版有责任记住吗? Students are challenged to apply what they learn to their role as British citizens in the world today.

Students learn what Mathematical skills are required for code breaking and how useful this was during WW1. This is followed by a code breaking activity where students used problem solving skills to share secret messages.



在七年级,学生们被介绍到联盟. 接下来是关于军队规模的讨论. Students then make bar charts and use data handling techniques to present a comparison of military capabilities.



在今年上半年, 分数的数学知识, decimals and percentages were used to calculate the time it took a platoon to reach their destination.

Imagine a world with no internet, no global communication network and no 24 hour news channels. 在ICT课程中,学生将探索第一次世界大战期间使用的不同通信方法. 在第一次世界大战的战场上,通讯至关重要, 一旦发生故障,后果往往是致命的. 前线部队需要知道他们的邻居在哪里, while commanding officers working behind the lines could only control their men if they had a reliable source of information. Methods such as telephone, radio, visual communication and even pigeons are explored. y7使用二进制和加密代码创建秘密消息.

在科学, students explore the human body at War by reading the diary of a soldier and how infections affected the body, 消毒剂的使用, 第一次世界大战战场上的敷料和绷带. 除此之外, 学生们研究在战争中遭受的不同状况,包括败血症, 气体处理, 炮弹休克, 战壕足, 壕热和体虱. 他们探索并分析这些条件对身体的影响.

Students study terminal velocity including the use of parachutes in WW1 in their Physics lessons.









Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School and 六年级 College (TIGHS) has been ranked as one of the highest performing schools in England based on pupils’ academic progress.




The whole school community is celebrating after TIGHS was once again rated as ‘outstanding’ in a recent Ofsted inspection.